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Takis Phidia

CEO at CNP Cyprus Insurance Holdings Ltd

Antigoni was recruited by our Group to run an executive leadership program. Her meticulous planning, design and deployment coupled with her engaging approach with clever touch of humour has helped boost our staff motivation and engagement! She has managed to touch all as a whole and simultaneously each one separately which takes skill and true love for what one does. I would recommend her to any business who wishes to develop its staff.


Chris Christodoulou

Chairman & CEO TGI Fridays & Hard Rock Café

Running a business in the service industry employing 500 plus, my most valuable asset is my people . When Antigoni came to our premises for a coaching seminar to all my head office support team, I have to admit the feedback from all the participants was overwhelming.. professional, with a twist of Fun, interactive and engaging her audience but most importantly she came prepared as she spent time ahead to understand my business. You can see now that following this seminar I really did not have any other option but to invite her again with my HR team to organise seminars to my management teams in all my restaurants. After all we are always in search of talent in our business and Antigoni is a talented professional.


Antigone Modestou


I met Antigoni for the first time at a major conference of the Treasury of the Republic where we were both keynote speakers. Managing change calls for inspiration. Antigoni, who possesses the knowledge and capability but is also a clever and resourceful presenter, has proven herself worthy of the difficult task of addressing a varied, skeptical audience and aligning it to a common vision for change.


Peter Karpiak

Senior Vice President, Global Sales Operations & Development at Realogy Holdings Corp.

I had the pleasure to work with Antigoni at an international training seminar in Madrid last summer. As such, I had the opportunity to see her in action firsthand. She has mastered the art of keeping attendees engaged during learning sessions while facilitating the meeting. Antigoni also brings a high level of passion to her role and is genuinely interested in advancing the skill set of her audience. She herself is a life long learner and actively seeks to enhance her own skill set. I recommend her as a Corporate Trainer and Speaker.

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Maria Charalambous 

Executive Manager Finance AHK  

It was a great pleasure to have met Antigoni Marinou during the Treasury of the Republic of

Cyprus’s Change Management Event. She gave a Keynote speech on Enhancing Change were

she was able to connect and engage with a group of more than 200 people from different

positions and backgrounds and presented with humor and managed to speak everyone’s

language. With credible examples, she successfully opened the minds of people towards

positive engagement and collaboration to make things happen! Her keynote was of high

quality and impact.


Popi Tanta

Chief Commercial Manager LouisHotels and Restaurants

Following one of the courses of Antigoni has been one of the best experiences in my career. She not only is professional but an inspirational and motivational individual. I would recommend her to any organization.


Lefkos Papadopoulos

Chief Accountant, Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus

I wholeheartedly recommend Antigone's intuitive and down to earth coaching approach, leaving attendees wanting more and more. Impressed by her enthusiasm and ability to bring in play even the most difficult personalities. Keep on going Antigoni!

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Andrew Orphanou

CFO Vital Tomosi's Dairy Ltd Uganda

Following one of the courses of Antigoni has been one of the best experiences in my career. She not only is professional but an inspirational and motivational individual. I would recommend her to any organization.


Lia Georgiou

HR Business Partner at Bank of Cyprus

Antigoni Marinou is a person with great skills and deep expertise. Always punctual, her knowledge is vast and extensive. Thanks to interpersonal skills she creates great relations. Energetic and broad-minded can inspire and motivate. An absolutely awesome individual and professional.


Roula Louka

Assistant Manager at KPMG

Antigoni played a crucial role in both my academic as well as my work progression going forward. Antigoni was a significant contributor to the success of my assessment centre and the success of my journey as a flying start.


Nicolas Philippou

CEO at PASYKAF - Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends

Mrs. Antigoni Marinou was invited by our Management Team to carry out a Keynote Speech during our Annual Event in order to motivate, awaken and send very important messages to our team. I must admit that she not only delivered beyond any expectation but also arranged for additional stress-release workshop afterwords! Antigoni is a talented professional with a great deal of human touch in conveying difficult messages with a great deal of humor and respect towards her audience. She has introduced measuring tools and innovative award game for our staff which taken the whole event Up several notches. I would like to recommend Antigoni Marinou to any company who wishes to have an impactful keynote and event support for their company.


Marios Sisamos

Owner at CENTURY 21 Greece & Cyprus

Antigoni was selected to lead our Real Estate Training programme due to her sense of responsibility and her strong grasp of Real Estate and other industries that require a very powerful business development plans and actions. Her resilience, professionalism has kept our team together, working hard through and through. She has managed to pull together a group of strangers and turn them into a team of people who support each other and grow our business. She is very innovative with her methodologies and she is in continuous support of my teams even when she was not required by her contract to do so. Professionalism, innovation and on-going support are key in her success.


Adonis Americanos

• Managing Director TCS  Educational Consultants

• Chairman of Cyprus Association  of Educational Consultants

I have known Antigoni for many years, She is a professional woman with an exceptional character, good sense of humor, energetic and visionary. However, a couple of years ago we started cooperating more closely and it was then when I realised what Antigoni is really capable of. From the very first moment, you can easily tell that Antigoni is a hard worker, focused 100% on customer satisfaction. She is an inspirational woman who manages to motivate her customers to reach the top. At the same time, she is very supportive and her students and parents feel safe in her hands. I am confident that with her qualities, Antigoni will continue to excel in her professional path while at the same time make a real difference in her customers' lives.


Anastasios Koufopavlou

Group Internal Auditor at Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd

Antigoni is a charismatic, insightful, encouraging and highly energetic career coach. She was an invaluable help to me in order to define my professional goals, set a course of action and equipped me with tools that I could use every day in order to achieve them. At last, she became a great friend with whom I share a lot and receive great advice.


Maria Siopacha

• Director Career Success Centre at University of Nicosia

• Director UBS

It is rare to come across someone like Antigoni. She is uniquely wonderful to consult! I had the honor and true pleasure to collaborate with her recently. She has remarkable ethics, great innovative and constructive ideas that can shape your future making the best out of your skillset. She provides her support relentlessly by being there for you anytime. I rarely come across exceptional professionals and kind human beings like Antigoni, my heartfelt appreciation and respect!


Michael Nicolaou

Head of Networks at CDMA | QSecure

Antigoni is very professional and focused. As a HR Services and Seminar provider, she helps HR teams to shine and demonstrate their impactful work. Her guidance and seminars provided to us, were very accurate and practical and helped us identify our needs.


Evangelos Nicolaou

Security Professional | eMAPT

Antigoni assisted me in the process of writing my CV and personal statement when I was in the last year of my Bachelor’s degree. It was a pleasure to work with her and the result was excellent. Also, I had a plan to find a job in the UK after finishing with my studies (BSc and MSc). Antigoni provided me with some very helpful resources and advice of how I should approach the whole process; and I managed to find a job even before finishing the Master’s. What impressed me the most, though, was Antigoni’s personality. She was always motivating me and making me feel confident that I will succeed. I spoke with her for the first time when I was still on the second year of my Bachelor studies. She advised me about the areas that had a very good potential for the future and, in the end, I studied Information Security (MSc) which was one of her recommendations. Currently, I am working as a Security Consultant and, indeed, Information Security is a very interesting field full of opportunities. Antigoni is a very smart and knowledgeable individual and I highly recommend her for any relevant work. 


Christos Bouritis

• Food and Beverage Manager at The Editor Hotel

• Le Roches Graducate

Antigoni Marinou was for me a career and academic coach as she helped me in my preparation regarding my postgraduate studies in China ( Les Roches University for Hospitality Management). She helped me with my cv-resume development, personal statement, identifying my strengths and giving me advice. She was well organized, kind and really professional. Thank you for all your help.



Customer Service Industry

...I did not think such a methodology existed in Cyprus and available online too. I invested on myself and made things happen for me. What surprised me the most? The Rokket people stay with me during tough times until the end and still call me to check everything goes according to My plan. Thank you guys.



Imperial University

...never thought that as a university student I could possible take so many steps to shape my career success story. I never thought that such I could create such a powerful network so soon so fast.

Luxury Home


Real Estate Industry

I thought that I am experienced and can walk through the process of advancing my career would be a walk in the park. Was amazed to see so much sophistication in place.

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