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Antigoni Marinou is a Career Coach, Trainer, a Keynote Speaker and a Professional Advancement Coach. She delivers coaching in a fashion made for real people and backed by 20+ years of experience. She started it all, while simultaneously running a €30M Private Banking Operation at the largest Bank on the island while previously being the Business Development Manager at a Group of Companies listed in the stock exchange and working for a Big 4 Audit Firm.

​She is a Fellow Chartered Accountant, a Certified Career Development Facilitator, a Certified Trainer and holds Master and Bachelor’s degrees in Strategy & Investment Banking from renowned Universities in the UK.

Her academic and professional record do not however grant her proof of what she does when she Coaches People, Delivers Trainings & Keynote Speeches. The 2.500 students, university students, graduates and experienced professionals coached with real progression and safe steps towards fantastic career paths, the 700+ seminars at hand with more than 8,200 people trained by her and her team coupled with the A* reviews at hand, can say a lot about what you are getting yourselves in for, when signing up for any of the Rokket Services.

With a true passion for tangible results and a strong work ethic towards delivering value to every single person separately have granted her collaboration with the much prestigious Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Health, The Cyprus Police Academy & Fire College, Tax Department and Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus. She also has excellent bonds and brought results with Organisations in the Finance Industry, the Real Estate Industry, Forex Industry, the Tourism Industry and many more.

She loves transposing seemingly theoretical notions into tangible takeaway tools and she does it while making people enjoy every minute of it. Hence she is obsessed with embracing Youngsters’ Dreams, University Students’ Goals and Experienced People’s strategic steps for career advancement!

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